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Question Answered step-by-step Are these questions good for Capstone project balance measures?… Are these questions good for Capstone project balance measures??Balance Measures1.      Length of stay in the emergency department prior to admission. The longer the length of stay, the more time the nurse will have to accurately reconcile the MAR. 2.      Volume of patients in the emergency department. If the volume is higher, then the nurse will have more patients to care for. 3.      Overall acuity of patients in the emergency department. The higher the acuity, the more time that will need to be spent on patient care versus charting. 4.      Has the appropriate education been provided to the staff caring for the patients on MAR reconciliation? Will need to be included in all new staff orientation. 5.      Budgeting: Hiring a full-time nurse or pulling from another department would be expensive and could stretch resource limitations.  The cost should be reviewed periodically by administration. Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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