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Question Answered step-by-step Client is an eighty year old male. He loves gardening and playing… •      Client is an eighty year old male. He loves gardening and playing cards. He is a retired TTC employee. He loves driving and still does on a regular basis. He does not think high of his family doctor. He thinks he talks too much and doesn’t get to the bottom of the issue. A week ago he had his right hip surgery and now he is admitted to a rehabilitation unit. Prior to his surgery, he takes something for high blood pressure and controls his high glucose levels. As per the patient, a few years back, he suffered a mini stroke with no residual deficits. He is adamant that if he gets an infection that he is not to be treated with penicillin due to some previous rash issues.•      Last night, he did not sleep well at all (about 2 hours) due to discomfort from right hip (pain scale 4-7/10 on rest and movement) with no radiation. His vitals on assessment at 0600 this morning were 170/80, HR: 105, RR: 30, and O2 Sat: 96%. The night nurse administered scheduled Percocet (2 tablets) at 0630. S- SITUATION    B- BACKGROUND     A-ASSESSMENT    R- RECOMMENDATION       Health Science Science Nursing PNUR 125 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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