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Question Answered step-by-step Multiple Choiceselect the best answer. 16. Which of the following… Multiple Choice—select the best answer. 16. Which of the following is not an example of epithelial membrane? a. synovial membrane b. cutaneous membrane c. serous membrane d. mucous membrane17. Pleurisy is a condition that affects which membrane? a. cutaneous membrane b. serous membrane c. mucous membrane d. none of the above True or False 18. ______ Parietal membranes cover the surface of organs. 19. ______ Synovial membrane is an example of connective tissue membrane. If you had difficulty with this section, review pages 145-148. IV—TUMORS AND CANCER Circle the correct answer. 20. Benign tumors usually grow (slowly or quickly). 21. Malignant tumors (are or are not) encapsulated. 22. An example of a benign tumor that arises from epithelial tissue is (papilloma or lipoma). 23. Malignant tumors that arise from connective tissues are generally called (melanoma or sarcoma). 24. A cancer specialist is an (osteologist or oncologist). 25. Chemotherapy uses (cytotoxic or cachexic) compounds to destroy malignant cellsImage transcription textACROSS Kind Probing polyanocharisa Crab 10. Flam ITmu 11. Togather gog rialing Is DOWN 1. Change; produce2. Tissue; origin Without shops Inward or within skin Womb ID… Show more26. Bruce is a sedentary, cigarette smoking, middle-aged man who is complaining of chest pain. Ultimately, he is diagnosed with lung cancer. What tests may have been utilized to determine his diagnosis? Which type of treatment might be involved? 27. Joe had experienced a recent respiratory infection but felt he was responding well to over-the-counter medications. He still had a low-grade fever, however. He was awakened during the night with pain in the thoracic region. Fearful that the symptoms might indicate a heart attack, he called 911 and was transported to the emergency department. On the way to the hospital, the paramedic advised Joe that his EKG was normal. After all tests for cardiac illness and pathology returned negative, Joe was sent home on antibiotics, pain medication, and with recommended bed rest. From your study of tissues and membranes, what might be the reason for this treatment? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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