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Question Paradigm Developmentlink of the article: the constructs of HBM from the article. Draw a box for each concept that wishes to develop as a paradigm, based on the study results of the research article by Jose, R. (2020)Use arrows to indicate cause-effect relationships. Each arrow should start from the concept that has causal influence and point to the concept that is being affected.Use a line when the expect a correlation between two concepts but no cause-effect relationship.A conceptual paradigm doesn’t have to be limited to just cause and effect concepts; othertypes of concepts can be incorporated as well.Depending on the results, may wish to show additional facets of a cause-effect relationship by introducing one or more of the following:a. Moderating: alters the effect of a causative concept on an effect concept based on the moderator’s value. The moderator thus changes the effect component of the cause-effect relationship between the two concepts. This moderation is also referred to as theinteraction effect.b. Mediator: comes between a cause concept and an effect concept in a cause-effectrelationship and allows that relationship to be better explained. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 430 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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