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Question Assignment:identifyidentifyCommon Themes in Patient-Centered and Person-Centered Care Column A identifies the common themes of Patient-Centered and Person-Centered Care with a brief description. Column B is an example of a Challenge or Barrier to providing Patient-Centered and Person-Centered Care. In column C how an individual leader might impact the challenge positively, and in Column D, how an organization may positively impact that challenge.                A                               B                                             C                                        D Patient-Centered and Person-Centered Care Challenges and/or Barriers Individual Leader-Impact Opportunities Organizational Impact Opportunities EmpathyCompassion, understanding and responsiveness to the feelings of others  Nurses in a busy NICU with high turnover and low morale  Some of the ways can be :·      Active listening.·      Providing feedback·      Have team huddles to discuss the problem.·      Making sure that nurses are not constantly ask to come in for work for overtime.    Create wellness programs for example offering subsidized gym, free mental health counselling. RespectRegard for the attitudes, desires and diversity of others Health care team siloed by provider type. EngagementHaving shared genuine interest in the outcomes High level of traveler nurses in an ED RelationshipStrong sustainable relationships amongst the care team and with the patient  “Frequent flier” in a busy provider practice, chart review reveals 7 visits in the last 60 days all with a different provider. Communicationcollaboration, listening and communicating in an open and honest manner Patients presenting with internet based “Dr. Google” information as the basis of requests that are lacking evidence. Shared Decision MakingRebalances the power between provider and care team a patient with newly diagnosed metastatic cancer Holistic FocusUnderstanding the overall nature of health and illness through a complex lens addressing end of life care Individual FocusRespecting individual preferences a patient with diabetes resisting medication ·      Inquire the reason for not taking medication.·      Provide other options for medications.·      Incorporating exercise regiment  Having free diabetic awareness and educating seminars once a week. Coordinated CareCommunicating care needs across the continuum high levels of readmissions Making sure the patient is ready for discharge.Making sure the person has a PCP, Also schedule an appointment within the next few days. Have Case managers assigned to a patient who will coordinate with services required by the patient.  References:Weberg & Davidson. (2021). Leadership of Evidence-Based Innovation in Nursing and Health Profession (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett. Health Science Science Nursing NR 523 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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