Question 4741

Question 1. Any existing tool which I can use to assess the capacity or… 1. Any existing tool which I can use to assess the capacity or learning needs of nurses to do nursing research?2. As a nurse, how does one develop a framework from existed concept?3. Can someone please share with me a scholarly reference highlighting the dropping of more than 20% of indicator items in CFA (SEM-AMOS) modifications?4. Do you think that if the clinical competence of nurses improves, the level of their job stress will be change?5. Dose middle nurse managers’ behavior drives their selection for the influence tactics during their upward and downward influence activities?6. Is there any studies conducted in nursing to assess the effectiveness of an intervention in nursing using telephonic interview?7. Provide any recent studies that utilize single-case research designs in nursing practice (either for treatment or educational purposes)?8. Unconscious wakefulness may double the risk of early death…What r the causes? How do know we’ve experienced? What should be done about it?9. What causes vitamin D critically low? And what are the right way and the optimal exposure time to get Vitamin D from the sun?10. Why nurses (particular those working in primary care settings) ostrich themselves or shy away from reporting suspected maltreatment? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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