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Question Answered step-by-step Over the next several days, the patient receives antibiotics. Thediuretic is changed to Spironolactone and she continues to receive the same maintenance IV plus 40 mEq of potassium PO daily. Her nausea, vomiting, leg cramps, and irregular heart rate have resolved. Temperature and BP are now within normal limits. However, for the past 24 hours, her urine output has been declining and is currently at <20ml/hr. The patient now complains of abdominal cramping, numbness/tingling sensations in her extremities. She is irritable and has been experiencing diarrhea. In addition, she has developed some pulse slowing and irregularity. Current lab data:           BUN 60           Creatinine 2.1           K+ 5.8           Na+ 140           Cl- 98           EKG shows some abnormalities1.             What fluid or electrolyte disturbance is of concern now for this patient? (10 points) Click or tap here to enter text.2.             Identify the signs and symptoms that can result from this electrolyte disturbance. (10 points) Click or tap here to enter text.3.             What do you suspect is the cause for this disturbance? (10 points) Click or tap here to enter text.4.             What can happen if this disturbance is not treated and worsens? (10 points) Click or tap here to enter text.5.             What are your primary nursing responsibilities for this client? Click or tap here to enter text.6.             List two nursing diagnoses for this client. (10 points)  Click or tap here to enter text. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 310 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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