Question 4879

Question Answered step-by-step 1)A client with heart failure is admitted to the med surg unit withdifficulty breathing. She informs the nurse that she has a living will and tells the nurse if her heart stops “”just let me be””. The nurse notes there is no DNR order on the chart. What priority action should the nurse take? 2)A recently promoted Nurse Manager has developed a staff development program about disruptive behavior in the workplace. What are some areas that should be covered in the program to prevent “”bullying”” from happening on her unit? 3)What are the competencies defined by Quality and Safety Education for Nurse (QSEN) that are recommended for all pre-licensure nursing programs? 4)A client is scheduled for a closed amputation of the left lower leg. Provide one (1) example of how the nurse can evaluate the client’s understanding of this scheduled procedure. Health Science Science Nursing NURSE-UN MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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