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Question SCENARIO 2: Question: b)   Perhaps there is a surrogate who could give a valid consent for her participation.An elderly female patient was hospitalized for dementia is asked to participate in a clinical study testing a new drug designed to slow progress of the condition. She has period of time wherein she is quote lucid. It is during such period that trial was explained to her and she signed the informed consent form. However, when the investigator meets with her again to begin the study, she stares at him blankly, seemingly not remembering anything about it.What should she do? Choose from among the choices and explain answer.a)   In that she signed the consent when she appeared to understand, and given that she might benefit from the clinical trial, she should go forward with the study.c)   Given her level of vulnerability, she should cancel the previously signed document. SCENARIO 3: A pregnant woman has untreated syphilis. She is told by a doctor that medical research has discovered that her child will also have syphilis. In order to prevent the suffering and blighted life that the child would have to endure if it ere born, she arranges for an abortion.Question: Explain to the client what you think is the best solution to her problem using the principle best suited for the case, choose among the following.a)   Double Effectb)   Legitimate Cooperationc)   Common Goodd)   Subsidiarity SCENARIO 4: As a healthcare worker, a nurse and a steward of health. Question: How can you help in implementing stewardship in the clinical setting? Include how you display communication skills with client and or support system based on trust, respect and shared decision-making using appropriate communication, interpersonal techniques/strategies. Please, can someone aswer this questions for me? thank you Health Science Science Nursing NCM 108 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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