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Question Answered step-by-step I need a response to the statement below:Three types of analysis a nurse can utilize in quantitative data analysis is mean, correlation analysis, and Analysis of variance (ANOVA). The mean is a descriptive statistic that indicates the central tendency of the population (Polit & Beck, 2016). Descriptive statistics including the mean can be applied to improve nursing by providing understanding of the population. Correlation analysis is part of inferential statistics which correlation analysis will help the understanding of the systematic bond between variables (Polit & Beck, 2016). Correlation analysis will help improve nursing through helping nurses understand the relationship in one variable to another helping the nurse to predict those relationships to guide care. ANOVA gives a measurement of the difference between multiple variables to understand their relationship (Polit & Beck, 2016). Using an ANOVA can improve nursing in understanding multiple variables on a population to better predict outcomes. In each of these examples the nurse can utilize these statistical analyses to have an end goal of better understanding in outcomes to guide patient care. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 504 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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