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Question Answered step-by-step you have this case ,answer the questions Case Selma, 35 years old,… you have this case ,answer the questionsCase Selma, 35 years old, married for 10 years, with 1 child (5 years), and a salesperson in a store, applied to the emergency department of a hospital with complaints of shortness of breath, hyperventilation, palpitations, chest pain and fear of death. Ms. Selma thinks that she has a heart attack because of these symptoms that suddenly appeared while she was cooking at home. After the physical examination and EKG, it is learned that Selma is the third attack she has experienced, that she had her first attack two months ago, and therefore, a doctor at the health center recommended a meeting with a psychiatrist. However, Ms. Selma states that she avoids going to a psychiatrist, thinking that there is no mental illness, and that she took a two-week leave from her job for fear of having another attack. She states that she had her second attack just as her leave was about to end, and after this attack she started not to go out with her friends, not to go shopping to the market, or even to take her child to the park. He says that because of this situation, his wife and child take great care of him and help him with his daily work. Mrs. Selma, whose admission to the psychiatry clinic was deemed appropriate, started to cry after her husband Ali Bey, who left the service after she was admitted, and says that she disappointed her family. He states that his family tried to help him, but he could not even leave the house because he was afraid of not being able to control another possible attack. Saying that he could not understand what had happened to him, he said, “I need to get well, I have to take medicine for this immediately”. On the third day of her hospitalization, Ms. Selma tells her nurse that she is in a very bad mood and that her husband has not visited her since she went to bed. He starts to cry and states that he is very afraid of losing his wife. He says that there has been a change in his wife for about 2-3 months, he pays less attention to himself, spends most of his time outside the house, goes on business visits more often, and makes phone calls more often. What will I do if Selma Hanim, who is afraid that her husband is having an affair with someone else, leaves me? She continued to cry, saying that I can’t take care of myself and the child alone, I don’t even have a job anymore, and I can’t leave the house.Family history; The patient did not have a child for the first 5 years when he got married, he was very upset. Since his wife’s family did not have grandchildren, they constantly blamed their daughter-in-law and said that their lineage would not continue because of her. They wanted his son to divorce him and they constantly put pressure on their son for this. Although his wife was against this situation at first, he could not stand the pressure of his mother anymore. He started using violence. When he told him that he was going to marry the girl his mother would find, the lady was almost devastated and began to question why she existed in this life. He attempted suicide by taking drugs. Depression treatment was started. It continued for 3 years. During this time, the complaints have passed. His wife’s attitude has also improved. They had a child after Infertility Treatment. When she started to live in fear of losing her child, her troubles flared up. Psychiatric treatment reneweda) What is the possible medical diagnosis for Ms. Selma?b) What are the interventions that the nurse should apply while giving care to this patient?c) Identify 5 nursing diagnoses from this case and write them. Write down 4 outcome criteria for only 2 of these diagnoses you have determined. Descriptive feature Etiology Purpose    Nursing diagnosis Expected patient outcomes  Health Science Science Nursing BIO 1234 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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