Question 717

Question Answered step-by-step 7 MovieThink about a movie that you watched recently that had a character that presented with a mental illnessIdentify the movie and the character you are referencing.What MH issues does the film present?Did the movie provide an stigmatizing presentation of MH issues. Explain your answerDid the movie depict the characteristics of the MH illness of the character accurately. If so, what features of the film did you find most persuasive related to the MH presentation? If not, what features of the film did you believe were not persuasive and why?If someone you cared about was diagnosed with the same symptoms/mental illness, what treatment options would you advocate for?Initial Post1.      thread/initial discussion post.2.     least per question.3.     The majority of your post(s) must be original thoughts, words and ideas.4.     Identify additional source of all information you use.5.     Utilize ting for your responses and citations.6.     Post must be typed in the discussion message box, not attached as a document.  Health Science Science Nursing NSG 350 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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