Question 726

Question Answered step-by-step Analysis of drug administration routes Instructions: Answer the… Analysis of drug administration routesInstructions: Answer the next questions. Remember to include the reason why you answer this way. Also, it should include up-to-date references.1.When you arrive in the patient’s room to administer the medication orally, you notice that the patient has dysphagia. What actions would you have to take and why?2. When you are going to administer some optical drops to the patient, you notice that they are stored in the refrigerator. What action would you take and why?3. The patient is ordered to administer drops in the right eye. When you get to the room, you notice that the left eye is with secretions. What actions would you take and why?4..Your patient is receiving oxygen by nasal cannula. The doctor orders medication by nebulizer. Would you discontinue the oxygen ?, Indicate why not discontinue it, or indicate why it should be discontinued.5. How would you administer a lotion type medicine to a rash in a patient who has multiple open lesions? Health Science Science Nursing ENFERMERIA NUR Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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