Question 770

Question Answered step-by-step 23. Which of the following is the primary reason for the developmentof multidisciplinary teams in primary health care reform? a. To reduce health care costs b. To address the needs of an aging population c. To address the needs of a younger population d. To improve access to health care services 24. Which of the following are two challenges facing health care services today? a. Underfunding and poor coordination of services b. Underfunding and an increase in graduating nurses c. Poor coordination of services and high immigration rates d. Poor coordination of services and an increase in graduating physicians 25. In Canada, which of the following is a barrier to health care access? a. An aging population b. Increase in primary health care groups c. Shortage of family doctors d. Electronic health records 26. Which of the following is a benefit that electronic health care records are expected to bring? a. Prompt delivery of laboratory results b. Increased health care costs c. Improved confidentiality d. More graduating physicians choosing family medicine 27. Which of the following is a future initiative for the Canadian health care system? a. Decreased equalization payments b. Improved wait times c. Decreased enrolment for nurses at university d. A national drug insurance plan 28. Name a challenge facing home care services. a. Increased numbers of nurses wanting to work in the community b. Increased availability of long-term beds c. Increased availability of beds for respite care d. Funding is variable across the provinces Health Science Science Nursing NSG MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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