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Question Answered step-by-step Part 1-Nursing Informatics Self-Assessment and Plan of ActionUse this Self-Assessment-      This is where you will assess your experience and comfort levels regarding certain computer applications. After you assign each topic rating-A.   No experience, NoviceB.   Some experience, Advanced BeginnerC.  Comfortable user, CompetentD.  Skilled User, ProficientChoose one of your “A” or “B” responses and write a plan of action on how to better increase your skills.For example, if I take this self-assessment and rate an “A- no experience, novice” in telehealth systems, I will write why I chose this, steps I will complete on how to familiarize myself with this piece of technology and why an increased knowledge base will impact my nursing career.Plan of Action-   1.   Why did you choose this?  2.   What steps will you take to achieve it?   3.   How could acquiring more knowledge on this subject positively affect your future nursing career?    Part 2- Current Trends in Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology  There are three questions listed below regarding the importance and impact of healthcare informatics. The answers will require the support from at least one credible reference that is less than five years old.      Please use APA 7th edition for citing and referencing. Here is a website to help you     Each response needs to include 3 well written sentences for full credit.Questions-  Question- Communication Among Providers and Patients 1.   How does information technology improve the flow of communication between members of the healthcare team? The patient?         Question- Gather Data and Generate Knowledge 2.   Explain the impact of nurse involvement in the creation and development of healthcare technologies.      Question- Deliver Safe Nursing Care 3.   What is the role of information technology in improving patient safety and promoting a safe environment? How can decision support tools help improve patient safety?       Reference(s): Hello UTA at Arlington Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3375-503 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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