Question 815

Question Answered step-by-step 1. A nurse see a patient walking to the bathroom with a stooped gait,facial grimacing, and gasping sounds it is important that the nurse assess the patient for a. Anxiety b. Fluid volume deficitc. Depression d. Pain 2. A nurse in the rehab division states her head nurse, Mr. Tyler, “I need day off and you didn’t give it to me” the head nurse replies “well I wasn’t aware you needed day off, and it not possible since staffing is so inadequate” Stead of these exchange what communication by the nurse would have been more effective?a. “Mr Tyler I’ll like to dis my schedule with you I requested the 8th of August off for a doctors appointment could I make my appointment”b. “Mr. Tyler I would need to call in on the 8th because I have a doctors appointment”c. “Mr. Tyler, I placed a request to have august 8th off, but am working and I have a doctors appointment”d. “Mr. Tyler since you didn’t give me the 8 off I will need to find someone to work for me”3. Health promotion activities May occur on a primary Secondary or Tertiary level which activities are considered Tertiary health promotion select all that apply? a. A school nurse provides screening for scoliosis for the students b. A nurse teaches new patients how to choose and use and infant car seat c. A nurse provide range of motion Exercise for a paralyzed patient d. A nurse teaches patient of toddlers how to childproof their homes e. A nurse runs an immunization clinic in inner city f. A teaches patient with an amputation how to care for the residual limb 4. Which clinic patient is most likely to have annual breast examinations and mammograms based on the physical human dimension? a. Tricia, who has family history of breast cancer b. Nancy whose family encourage regular physical examination c. Jane whose best friend had a benign breast lump removed d. Sarah who lives in a low income neighborhood 5. During rounds a charge nurse hears the patient care Technician yelling loudly to a patient regarding a transfer from bed to the chair when entering the room. what is the nurse best response? a. Choice 2Let me help you with your transfer technique b. Choice 3when you are finished, be sure to apologize for you rough demeanor.”c. Choice 1you to speak to the patient quietly. You are disturbing the patient d. Choice 4” when your parent is safe and comfortable, me me at the desk”6. A nurse caring for older in a long term care facility knows that survival physical changes occur in the aging adult. Which Characteristic best describe this changes select all that apply a. The skin is drier and wrinkles appear b. Muscle mass increased c. Hormone production increasesd. Visual and hearing acuity diminishes e. Fatty tissue is redistributed f. Cardiac output increases 7. When an older Adult nurse complains to a younger nurse that nurse just aren’t ethical anymore, which reply reflects the best understanding of moral development? a. I don’t agree with that nurses were more ethical in the past. It’s a new age and the ethics are new! b. “I agree! it is impossible to be ethical when working in a practice setting like this!” c. “Behaving ethically develops gradually from childhood maybe my generation doesn’t value this enough to develop an ethical”d. “Ethics is genetically determined it’s like having blue or brown eyes maybe we are evolving out of the ethical sense your generation had.”8. When interacting with a patient the nurse answer, i’m sure everything will be fine. You have nothing to worry about. This is an example of what type of inappropriate communication technique a. Being judgmentalb. Cliche’ c. Changing the subject d. Giving advice Health Science Science Nursing NURSING N3262 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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