Question 837

Question Answered step-by-step I dont know what the ICD 10 PCS code is for this question. I’ve… I dont know what the ICD 10 PCS code is for this question. I’ve provided the four multiple choice answers and you get me the correct answer?This 32 yr old female patient was admitted in active labor at 38 weeks gestation. After 4 hours of labor the patient progressed to complete dilation. A 7lb 2oz female newborn was delivered by use of low forceps. No episiotomy was performed. Inspection revealed a 1st degree perineal laceration which was repaired with 3-0 chromic. Prior to delivery the patient indicated she desired a sterilization procedure. A laparoscopic bilateral tubal ligation was performed post delivery.Group of answer choices10D17ZZ, 0WWNXYZ, 0UL74ZZ10D07Z3, 0HQ9XZZ, 0UL74ZZ10E0XZ3, 10H07YZ, 0HQ9XZZ, 0UL74ZZ10D07Z3, 0WQN0ZZ, 0UL53ZZ, 0UL63ZZ Health Science Science Nursing MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING ICD10PCS Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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