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Question Answered step-by-step Ms. Kay, a 51-year-old woman is admitted to the hospital with a historyof abdominal pain, significant weight loss and progressive dysphagia. Four months ago, she was diagnosed with gastric carcinoma. She is also known Type 2 Diabetes with blood sugars managed on Metformin. Upon admission, you conduct a physical exam which reveals the following:Weight: 60kgHeight: 170cmBlood pressure: 141/87She also has dry mouth, cracked lips and dry skin. Her hair is thinning in some spots. Ms. Kay reports having lost 10kgs over the last month. She also has lower leg edema present. When asked about her oral intake, she reports that food often gets ‘stuck’ in her throat and she coughs when drinking water. Last night, she only managed a two spoonsful of porridge in the morning, a few pieces of watermelon for lunch and some scrambled egg for dinner. Blood sample:HbA1c 6.9Creatinine 0.3 mg/dLBUN 10.7 mg/dLPotassium 3.5 mml/LPhosphate 2.6 mg/dLSodium 130 mmol/LRBS 85 mg/dLAlbumin 3.5 g/dLCRP 75 mg/LPART 1 – QUESTIONS:Total: 30 marks1. Using what you know of the four steps of Nutrition Assessment, review and comment on the findings of your anthropometric, clinical, biochemical and dietary examination of the patient. Include reference ranges to support all your comments. (28 marks)2. Would you refer this patient to the dietitian? Why/why not? (2 marks) Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NR103 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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