Rasmussen College Module 4 Universal Health Care System Presentation

Governors do not always agree with the methods or solutions that the President may have for his or her state. During a pandemic, if the views of the President differ from that of the Governor on what steps, approach, or protocol should be implemented in order to best protect the citizens of his or her state, whose voice should supersede the other? Please explain your answer and provide your rationale. (Submit 1page Due date 12/1/2021, 11:59PM)

Module 04 Assignment Content – PowerPoint 


The healthcare organization you work at is looking to expand abroad.  Select a country that has a universal or social healthcare system (Canada, Australia, France, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, etc.).

In your role with the organization, you are tasked with conducting research on the country you selected. You will be looking into their policies and reforms that align with your organization. Once you have completed your research you are to make a recommendation to your organizational leadership on whether, given the opportunity, expanding your business to that country to render service, is ideal or not. Keep in mind that the two models are different (free-market and universal healthcare systems), so you would have to think through how you would be able to operate successfully. 

Part I

Find a healthcare policy or reform that applies to both countries (such as both having policies on care for the elderly, assisted living facilities, home care services, physical therapy, mental health, etc.). The policy or reform topic or area is the same, but the name may be different.

Write a 5-6 page paper that includes the following:

  1. Explain why the policy/reform was enacted and whether it is addressing the intended purpose.
  2. As you look across each country, provide 4 areas where the policies are similar and 4 where they are different. These similarities and differences must be in the actual policy/reform of each country.
  3. Explain differences in the handling of issues relating to moral or ethical behaviors or concerns.
  4. Provide a recommendation for your organization on whether they should or should not proceed with providing services in the new country. Include any government policies that would prevent your organization from being able to conduct business in the other country.
  5. Use audience-specific language.
  6. Use a minimum of 5credible sources, with 3 being from the Rasmussen Library.
  7. Include an APA reference page. (Submit 5-6page Due date 12/4/2021, 11:59PM)
Part II – Communication Platform – PowerPoint Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to your leadership with findings from your research. Include:

  1. Health reform or policy changes for each of the two countries
  2. 4 similarities and 4 differences
  3. Your recommendation on whether they should render services in the new country

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