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Student one…(Sus Bur)

Hello Everyone,
For forum post this week I have chosen option 2 and 4. I have chosen Amy Tan’s Two Kinds because I have related to the mother and daughter within the story. The mother believes that the daughter can do anything, and almost pushes her to do so. She states: “Of course, you can be a prodigy, too,” my mother told me when I was nine. “You can be best anything” (Tan 1). My own mother did the same thing when I was young. My parents got married when I was 4, and when my mother(stepmother) met me she wanted the world for me. She put me in swimming, kid art classes, and even made me try soccer. Like Ni Kan’s mother she saw all of these opportunities, and instead of listening to me(I know I was young but so was Ni Kan), she overwhelmed me into feeling like I wasn’t the best unless I was doing everything.
Lu Xun’s work Medicine and Anderson’s Death in the Woods have quite a few similarities. For example, the style in which both of them are written are the same. Both stories are short and broken up into chapters instead of paragraphs. When something new happens in a story, it is broken up into the next chapter. They also portray sadness and are written to emphasize the rough parts of life that people of that particular time in history are experiencing. Xun shows the harsh reality of death and how normal it was for someone to lose a family member or a child during that time. He states: “That grave was directly opposite Little Chuan’s, separated only by the path. As Old Chuan’s wife watched the other woman set Out four dishes of food and a bowl of rice, then stand up to wail and burn paper money, she thought: “It must be her son in that grave too.” The older woman took a few aimless steps and stared vacantly around, then suddenly she began to tremble and stagger backwards, as though giddy” (Xun 3). In Anderson’s Death in the Woods he clearly uses death as well to convey the harshness of that time. He states: “The old woman died softly and quietly. When she was dead and when one of the Grimes dogs had come to her and had found her dead all the dogs stopped running” (Anderson 3). Both literary works are similar in their own ways and are tied to the historical period during war, poverty, and the struggle to survive.
Both authors use symbolism to portray not only the harshness of living conditions during the early 20th century, but also how society glazed over these harsh conditions instead of trying to solve the problem. Many writers during this time utilized their work to display their outward opinions.

Student two….(Rod Hub)

I thought this week’s stories were very interesting and something that I may not have read on my own. It was interesting to see how the Asian writers talked about there lifestyle and there was a lot of emphasis on family and tradition. When looking at “The Joy Luck Club” I found it interesting how the daughters tried to break away from tradition and the older woman tried to keep the tradition although they enjoyed a little change. The older woman enjoyed taking care of husbands and keeping the tradition of keeping the home clean and cooking for the Men. The young girls dreamed about breaking away from that and pursuing careers.

When looking at Lu Xun’s work, I think it had a lot of similarities to the reading of last week due to the disappointing ending, In Reading “Medicine”. The man wakes up with a plan for the day and takes a long journey to get Medicine for someone who turns out to be his sick son. Once the journey was complete he returned and gave the medicine to him, everyone in the home was thinking positive and believed in the cure “”A guaranteed cure!” Kang glanced at the child, then turned back to address the company” (Lu Xun) and it had me be living also, but as the last chapter started we were at his funeral. I think that this was similar to “ Death in the Woods” just because of the death at the end of the story .

Overall I enjoyed all of the stories and there were very fun and easy to read.

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