Report on a pathophysiological disease/disorder

I need a 3 page ,double spaced times new roman, font 12 report. 

– Choose a pathophysiological disease/disorder/condition that interests you and write a full report on its symptoms, causes, the detailed
physiological changes it creates, organ system (s) it effects, and available treatment options. If there are interesting experimental treatments, you may include that as well.

Paper should include:

1) A detailed description of your chosen disease/disorder and its associated symptoms. Example: “Disease X is transmitted by mosquitoes and infected patients experience colorful hallucinations, intense GI tract pain, followed by paralysis. The disease is always fatal, infects 10% of people living in tropical areas”….etc etc etc

2) A detailed description of the pathophysiology of the disease/disorder in the organ system(s) it effects. Example: if your chosen disorder causes involuntary skeletal muscle contractions – indicate HOW it is causing them. Faulty ion channels, miscommunication with nerve axons, neurotransmitters not being broken down….etc.

3) A description of treatment options and how they work. Example: “Treatment for this disease involves taking drugs that inhibit break down of cAMP in the cells, which results in…..”etc etc etc….

The paper should be well organized, written in complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar.

You MUST cite the sources you use both in the text where the information appears, and at the end in a “literature cited” section. ALL INFORMATION THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED COMMON KNOWLEDGE MUST BE CITED. At least one source should be from the peer-reviewed literature. Not all your sources need to be peer reviewed – but they do need to be reliable and scientific. Wikipedia is NOT an allowed source, and you will not receive full credit if your information comes from websites of questionable origin. The textbook is allowed as a source.

Citation Example: Sensory information from the photoreceptors in the eyes travels along the optic nerve and is processed in the visual cortex (Widmaier et al 2019).

Literature Cited:

Widmaier, E., H. Raff, and K. Strang. 2019. Vander’s human physiology: The mechanisms of body function. 15ed. McGraw Hill Education, New York. 709pp.

I have to be able to find your sources. I suggest APA format citations, but you may use another format as long you stay consistent.

Grading Rubric:

(1) Description of the disease/disorder and its symptoms 5 points

(2) Detailed pathophysiological description for all effected organ systems 10 points

(3) Treatment Options 5 points

(4) spelling, grammar, citations 5 points

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