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In this week’s discussion, the topic that is in mind would be about lie detectors or polygraphs. There is a lot of controversial debate about the idea of polygraphs, whether they work or not. In my opinions I believe that they work and should be used in courts. Today polygraphs are far more accurate than the past and are often used in multiple scenarios. They are used by the FBI and CIA for employment to phase people out. They are often reliable and can detect if people are lying or not. According to Gareth Evans (2018), “”If the examiner is well-trained, if the test is properly carried out, and if there’s proper quality controls, the accuracy is estimated between 80%-90%,” he says, adding that this is higher than the average person’s ability to tell if someone is lying” (Evans, 2018, p.1). polygraphs should be used in court because it could prove if a guilty person is lying or that an innocent person is telling the truth. Being a jury member can be stressful and this might take away some of that stress as well. this device should only be used if it’s a perfect system. This device could have sent people who were sent free to jail if they were deemed guilty from it. after reading this article and more, I’m convince that it should be used in courts. It can help build court cases and more and just justify what is said in court. Overall, polygraphs are reliable and should be able to be upheld in court.

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