research article respond

Answer 3-4 page double-spaced paper answering the following questions. To help me grade your paper, number your answers. Do NOT include the questions. Use your own words and complete sentences with proper grammar to explain using information from the article. Be thorough but not excessive in your answers.

Your paper should answer the following questions, in order (number your answers):


  1. After reading the introduction, explain in your own words the reason(s) why the authors chose to conduct this particular research study (be specific). (3 pts)
  2. What scientific question is being addressed? (2 pts)
  3. What is the authors’ hypothesis? (2 pts)

Subjects and Methods

  1. What inclusion and/or exclusion criteria were used to select the subjects for the study? Why? (2 pts)
  2. Describe the study design: type of study (e.g. correlational, clinical trial, etc.) and overall structure/format of the study (what did they do?). (3 pts)


  1. Briefly summarize the results described in the text or shown in the figure(s)/table(s). (3 pts)
  2. What conclusion(s) do the authors draw from these results? (2 pts)


  1. Do you think that the study results supported the authors’ hypothesis? Why or why not? How strong/convincing did you find the results? (3 pts)
  2. What were the limitations of this study? (2 pts)
  3. How could you design a study that could provide additional answers to the question asked? What are possible future experiments/research areas related to this topic? (3 pts)

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