Respond to two classmates HHS 310 WK 4- 250 words per response

Instructions: Respond to two of your classmates minimum 250 words per response. Describe a group situation, natural or formed, that you have witnessed a variety of roles. What was the interaction you witnessed? How was the helping professional of benefit or a distraction to the group process? In what settings do you see the use of a group beneficial to the helping process? Why?

Classmate #2 Labraya Wardlaw

Good Evening all,

  • A formed group situation that I have witnessed with a variety of roles included my volunteer experience at a near by girls home in my neighborhood. The formed group is consciously created with different groups of girls that would arrange with whom they feel they would more closely relate to. Most of the girls shared common situations, being that they were troubled or come from troubled homes. The interaction I witnessed was during meal time where it just looked like a large lounge where the girls could be comfortable and could mingle as they choose. There was a coordinator available the entire time I was there to help the girls if needed. The coordinator served a major purpose as a means of support for the girls. I feel that the helping professional in this case served a benefit to the group process.
  • In the group process I found it to also been beneficial to the helping process. The coordinator helped take on the role of being a teacher, providing knowledge and interest while also enabling the group making it function. For this group it contributes to the helping process by having everyone in the group engaged with one another and the conversation, identifying their problems, and setting goals which we helped gain a better understanding of how that would be possible during our group session time.

Levine, J. (2013). Working with People: The Helping Process (9th ed.). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Classmate #2 Tiombra Ross

Week Four: Discussion 2

According to our textbook, “A group can be defined as a system of relationships between and among people.” Many people come together in groups to protest wrongful doing in the world. Some of those groups are natural because it happens without notice, and some are formed because the protest is planned and repeats continuously. I have witnessed an interaction between the two different group styles. The formed group people gathered peacefully for the cause while allowing their voices to be heard, while those who gathered natural displayed violence and vandalized buildings, which caused more issues to arise.

The helping professional caused a distraction for those who were trying to protest peacefully because some of the people felt like the police and mayors should not be attending those protests since it was peaceful. A group beneficial to the helping process would be one for the community to assist older people with their needs. A group that would be run by healthcare professionals and would only meet on the weekend to help with errands. For the group performance to be productive members of the group would have to know their roles and self-awareness (Levine, 2013). There is power in groups, and sometimes that could be a bad thing, there has been so much damage done to communities over the last few days that shouldn’t have happened. I believe the group should be able to protest peacefully without being watched, but I also know that some will take the opportunity to destroy, and protection should be in place.


Levine, J. (2013). Working with People: The Helping Process (9th ed.). Retrieved from

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