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I also uploaded a resume that i wrote before, I hope you can help me improve it and write a cover letter for me.


For this assignment you will be creating Career Documents for a position you can currently apply for or will be qualified to apply for in the near future (such as one or two years from now). Therefore, you will need to seek out advertisements for available positions and tailor your career documents toward the qualifications for one, current plausible position.

You can use various online job sites to find a position, including,, and

On average, Americans change job positions ten to fifteen times within their life span. It might not be feasible to retrain each time you apply for a new job, so what does this mean for you? Knowing how to translate your skills and experiences from one context to the next is one of the most important things you might learn from this course.

By the end of this project you should have a working template that you can revise to submit to future job positions. More importantly, you will understand the concepts and approaches that you can use for future job/work contexts.


The project has two primary elements that you’ll create:

1.A job application/cover letter

2.A resume

Resume and Cover Letter

In response to the job ad you find, you will generate two main documents regardless of what the advertisement requests from you: a Cover Letter and a Resume. Some ads might ask for more documents or fewer, but for the purposes of this assignment, you’ll just need to create a cover letter and resume in response to the ad.

Questions to consider: Are you…

meeting (or will meet) all the (reasonable) requirements put forth in the ad? (Note that you may have to project some of these requirements, e.g. degree or skills you may acquire in a future class.)

creating compelling language and formatting (e.g. error-free, confident, and supportive of your abilities and qualifications)?

persuading your reader to hire you, given the criteria set forth or implied by the ad?

providing effective support for the claims you make about your qualifications?

As you draft your cover letter and resume targeted toward the job ad you’ve chosen, pay attention to the advice given in our course readings, as well as what you learn from analyzing sample cover letters and resumes.


In addition to the materials provided on Canvas and the Anderson textbook, you might find some of the materials from Miami University Career Services to be helpful with this project, which include additional sample resumes and cover letters:

Resume Preparation Guide

Cover Letters Guide

Criteria Summary

Demonstrated use of persuasive language choice that aligns with the job ad. The writing is succinct and precise. It offers the reader relevant information without being wordy.

Demonstrated use of examples from writer’s experiences that effectively supports the job advertisement’s required and desired qualifications.

Demonstrated organization of information that helps readers easily find and understand information.

Demonstrated design and formatting principles that are specific to the career documents, such as professional fonts, and that are useful to the reader.

Demonstrated use of professional tone and voice.

The documents are error-free and the writing style allows the reader to follow the document with ease.

**Make sure you include the original job advertisement with the final drafts of your resume and cover letter.

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