review chapter and answer questions read case study and review a question


I need to answer the following questions by reading the attached file chapter 2. Make sure using APA style and please consider that the assignment will be checked by the instructor to avoid plagiarism. this assignment for master degree level.

Read: Chapter 2 “Classical Approaches” and answer Discussion Questions 1-3 (p. 34). Also, read: Case Study “The Creamy Creations Takeover”; Review Case Analysis Question No 3 which is;

If you were called in as a communication consul- tant by Burger Barn executives, what kind of information would you gather in making an assessment about the likely future of Creamy Creations? What would you predict your findings might be, and how would these findings influence your recommendations to Burger Barn executives?

(pp. 35-36). attached file.


Answer all questions in complete sentences. Avoid incomplete sentences and single phrase answers. (-2 points for each instance).

Complete questions in your own words; i.e., understand fully the concepts of the chapter, process the information and answer questions based upon what is stated in the chapter and by your own impression and understanding. Don’t be afraid to conduct further research.

Complete the entire list of assigned questions. Failure to answer each question will result in a lower score.

Spell check and edit (proofread) your assignments before submitting them. Points will be deducted for multiple errors. (-1 to -2 points depending on the frequency of the errors).

Use proper grammar in your work. Avoid awkward syntax (-2 for improperly worded or awkward sentences).

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