Revision plan


I would like from you to read my paper and then make a revision plan

“The first step” is read the paper and see the instruction of what i had to do so you understand the topic.

I will include the paper and the instruction of what i had to do as word document.

“Second step” is to read the professors feedback about the paper. So here you need to find all the issues in my paper and how to make it as the professor wants it.

“third step” after you find all the issues, answer those questions

  1. Do your visuals represent data that is key to making your point?
  2. Are each of your visuals effective–consider accuracy, type, design and color use?
  3. Are the visuals effectively integrated into the document–consider labeling and placement in the document?
  4. Are the visuals sufficiently analyzed and described within the document? This is important to ensure that the visuals are fully integrated into the document and contributing to the point you are making.
  5. Is the document designed for readability and the specific needs of the target audience–consider use of headers, bullets, font size and type, and color use?
  6. Is the purpose (your point) of the document clearly stated and consistently made throughout the document?
  7. Is the content and tone of your report tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience?

Put the questions in a word document and answer them. your answer should be based on what i did and what changes you would make to make the paper looks better. Answer those questions (6-7 sentences each)

“Final step” revise the paper based on the feedback and what you said you would change when you answered the questions.

You do not need to make these changes in a new paper. Just edit on the paper that I sent.

Some Notes:

Some of the things that you need to change is that this paper is just one page length. My page and half. So, you need to change that to only one page. Like see if there is information that you can delete and not effect the purpose of the essay. Second you need to organize the paper as the feedback. And you can find more issues on the feedback.

So once you finish. You would send me the word document of the 7 questions. and you would send me the revised paper.

Finally, I also attached an example of a good paper and how mine should look like.

Let me know if you have any question

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