rhetorical essay

The first paper assignment will be a rhetorical analysis of a particular speech or oral presentation or monologue. I want you to read it thoroughly a few times or listen to it so you understand what ideas the author is trying to convey. Then I want you to write a five page, double spaced paper wherein you tell me the main ideas the speaker is trying to argue and what rhetorical devices the speaker uses; the context the speech was given within; the general setting and the audience; and any other relevant points about the message the orator is trying to get across. If you choose a monologue from a play or another bit of fiction, please explain the context the monologue is given in as part of the plot and setting of the play in addition to describing and analyzing any rhetorical devices used.

Please make sure your paper is five pages, double spaced and that you use a twelve-point-font. The paper will be due on Februaryth, tentatively.

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