1. Provide a detailed, typed, physically signed and dated statement describing the circumstance(s) that led to your lack of academic progress. Be specific and concise in your explanation as to why you were unable to make successful progress. This statement must include specific dates of circumstance(s) that coincide with the timeframe of the term(s)/course(s) not successfully completed. 

2. Attach documentation supporting your statement. Supporting documentation must reflect the dates indicated in your statement of circumstance(s) and coincide with the timeframe of the courses not successfully completed. 

3. Provide a plan of action that you will use to ensure your future academic success. This statement must be specific to how much time a day, week, etc. you will dedicate to your coursework. 

4. Provide a SAP Degree Action Plan (SAP DAP), prepared by your Academic Advisor, that you agree to. If appeal approved, you will be expected to follow the SAP DAP as it is outlined.

**Serious illness or injury to student or immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child) that required extended recovery time  

**Death of an immediate family member

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