Written Assignment:SEC 10-K Analysis

Using the Internet, access the SEC 10-K annual report for a publicly traded company of your choice. The company must have inventory and accounts receivable.

You must select a company that is publicly traded SEC 10-K and has inventory and accounts receivable. Most students find the SEC 10-K annual report at their company’s website in sections such as About Us and/or Investor Relations. Look for SEC and Annual Filings (you will often find drop-down menus to click). You must research and secure the SEC 10-K Annual Report for the most recent year. Save the file to your computer for access. Do not print as the report is usually 100 pages or more. Post the name of your company, the SEC 10-K web link, and how you found the SEC 10-K in the SEC 10-K discussion for approval by your professor.

Review the company’s MD&A (Section 7), Notes to the Financial Statements (Section 8) addressing FASB changes as required by your professor, as well as financial statements and other pertinent accompanying footnotes. Use this information to prepare your “analytic” results. You may want to seek additional background and comparative data on the business. Yahoo Finance has a “competitors” feature we will discuss in class.

If specific FASB pronouncements defined during the class required the restatement of prior period earnings or other adjustments, those should be highlighted in your analysis. If these did not occur, you must confirm that your research did not highlight any required restatements.

Use terms from our class and create displays using the SEC 10-K for your company. The use of headings will label the sections in your report. Your goal is to explain the financial statements and the information of the SEC 10-K with the knowledge you learn from our class. While not describing every item in the SEC 10-K, your report should tell a story and illustrate your mastery of accounting terms, concepts, and the impact of recent pronouncements. No more than one paragraph should be devoted to your company’s history and non-financial information.

A PowerPoint presentation will also need to be prepared to cover the highlights of your report. A PowerPoint presentation is a high-level summary of your written analysis and paper. Do not use paragraphs or even complete sentences, use sentence fragments or “bullet” points. Charts, tables and graphs add value and information to the presentation but ensure there is narrative to explain and support the graphs. The presentation should be sufficiently sized to explain your analysis. Only one slide is required to present the Corporations history and structure: all other slides focus on the prepared research. Please post the presentation in the designated SEC 10-K discussion near the end of the semester to share with other students. Read your classmate’s presentation and provide comments to at least one other posting.

After the discussion week, you should review your PowerPoint presentation and submit the final version in the assignment folder. This is the PowerPoint file I will grade. The PowerPoint Presentation discussion is part of participation and designed to assist you in creating your final project. However, if you fail to participate in that discussion, it may affect the ‘grade’ for your PowerPoint Presentation.

3-4 pages single spaced, double space between paragraphs.

Page count does not include title page, tables and exhibit, table of content and works cited list

Title page

bibliography or works cited (business classes use APA format)

in-text citations (business classes use APA)

Tables, and appendixes if you wish to copy and paste financial statements or materials you did not write

Your report should use one-inch margins on the left,right,top and bottom of each page and font det at 12 points.


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