Self-Transcendence Theory was developed initially using deductive…

Question Answered Self-Transcendence Theory was developed initially using deductive… Self-Transcendence Theory was developed initially using deductive reformulation from life span developmental theories, Rogers’ conceptual system of unitary human beings, empirical research, and clinical and personal experiences of the theorist. The theoretical concepts are abstract, but concrete sub-concepts have been developed and studied extensively in a number of populations. Research findings support the hypothesized relationships among self-transcendence views, behaviors, and well-being. These studies increase nurses’ understanding that, no matter how desperate a health situation, people retain a capacity for personal development that is associated with feelings of wellbeing. Research findings have suggested ways in which nurses promote selftranscendence views and behaviors in themselves and in their clients. CRITICAL THINKING ACTIVITIES 1. What nursing intervention could you do to facilitate self-transcendence in a woman with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome who is dying? Why would you select this nursing action? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING BS NCM100 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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