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 Discuss the adverse impact of stereotyping in the workplace. Give detailed examples of various HR functions where stereotyping may occur. Examine the consequences of stereotyping as they relate to an employer’s exposure to liability. 

students response


Stereotyping in the workplace could ultimately lead to a toxic work environment that would hinder the employees rather than help them succeed. While some stereotyping may seem to come across as innocent, doing so could potentially hurt the feelings of a fellow employee and cause them to feel as though they are being discriminated against. As a result, this could cause major issues that will result in an unproductive workforce and potential legal issues.

Stereotyping may occur during the recruitment selection of employees. Hiring staff may stereotype a potential employee based on their religion or ethnicity and assume that because of these things that they may not be able to complete certain task or assume that based on their religion they shouldn’t be hired within the company. Not only is this form of stereotyping discriminatory, but it leads to a myriad of issues that would negatively affect the employees. Formulating certain policies that directly affect the employee based on gender, age, culture etc., is also a form of stereotyping. 

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