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At the end of the semester, students are required to give a 10-minute presentation on a research topic presentation concerning Strategic Change Management.  The presentation should use between 10 to a maximum of 13 visual aids (PowerPoints or Prezi), and there must be a “Reference” list with at least five (5) sources, adhering to the APA style.  The presentation must be recorded using Zoom and uploaded to Canvas as a Discussion. You are required to review and provide feedback on assigned classmates’ presentation.  More information will be posted on Canvas The presenter must be included in the recording, just as if this presentation was done in a “live” classroom situation.  Since your presentation skills is part of the grade (the grading rubric is available on Canvas, under “Files”), that is why you have your camera rolling while you present.  It is critical for you to submit a recording of your presentation and not just submit your PowerPoints or Prezzi as these are considered visual aids only.  Please review any of this course’s Zoom recordings as a reference. 

The following are some guidelines for your visual aids:

This is a video on that shows you how to do a Zoom recording:  How to Record In Zoom  

Students must use Zoom to make a recording of their presentation.  Anyone can sign up for a free basic Zoomaccount at

Examples of Strategic Change Management Research Presentation Recording Topics

  • Implementing Effective Change Management in the Leisure and Sports Sector
  • The Role of Leadership in Change Management
  • Factors Influencing Women Manager’s Success
  • Restoring Productivity and Confidence in the Midst of Change
  • Why Change Management Often Proves Difficult in Organizations
  • The Effective Implementation of Organizational Policies After Merging
  • Change Management and Globalization
  • Management in Developing Countries
  • Fostering Social and Civic Responsibility by Organizations
  • Changes Created by An Aging Workforce and Its Impacts on Organizations
  • The Role of Technology and Change Management
  • Ethical Issues When Changes Occur in Organization
  • Practicing Corporate Responsibility is Attractive For the Business
  • How Would Diversity Impact Change Management?
  • Leading Transformational Change
  • The Management of Change and Innovation
  • Talent Management Strategies in Emerging
  • Ethical Issues and Cultural Change
  • Communicating Change in an Organization
  • Motivation, Productivity, and Change Management
  • Different Generational Workforce and Their Handling of Change in the Workplace
  • Work-Home Interaction—A Challenge to Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Memory: Why Does It Matter?
  • Hospital Planning for Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents

There are TWO Due Dates for this Assignment:

  • Due date of Research Presentation Recording: 04/17/2022 
  • Due date of Peer Reviews:  04/24/2022

Peer Review is to be conducted from (Monday) 04/17  to (Sunday) 04/24. You are graded on conducting three Peer Reviews.  Here’s a video to show you how to conduct Peer Reviews:

Grade Value: The Strategic Change Management Topic Presentation is worth 35% of the total course grade.   

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