social Define reference groupsKnow the different types of leaders mentioned

How do primary groups differ from secondary groups?

Define reference groupsKnow the different types of leaders mentioned

What are the two main reasons people conform?

What is Groupthink?


What is the difference between saliva and spit?

What is the social construction of reality?

Define deviance

What does the “relativity of Deviance” mean?

What functions does deviant behavior have?

What are the three main types of social control?

List the five main theories of deviance?

What is the definition of crime? Research social norms notes also.

types of crimes

Social Stratification

(Article) What is the name of the article by Peggy McIntosh?

(From People Like Us documentary)

What does WASP stand for?

Which was the poverty threshold for a family of four in 2010?


What is the relationship between

gentrification, power, and



What is the reputation method


What is social stratification?


Difference between open and closed



How do sociologists identify social



According to lecture, how many people

in the United States are living in



Difference between wealth and



What is the definition of Social



What is the importance of race, class,

and gender


What is Max Weber’s “Life Chances”



How do functionalists view



How do conflict theorists view


UNIT 7: Race and Ethnicity


How do sociologists view race.


Know the definitions for ethnicity and

minority groups.


Which of the following is NOT one of

the five characteristics of minority



Know the definition of Discrimination


Know the definition of Assimilation

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