social studies lesson plan

You are expected to complete a standard lesson plan as part of this course. This plan will use the below rubric for scoring.

You should use the Liberty University standard lesson plan format (with the assignment for this course). All materials should be included in the final submission. The Lesson Plan is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.


The following outline should be considered the staple for lesson plan construction.

  • Topic
  • Grade Level
  • Standard of Learning for Virginia (SOL) or revised SOL
  • Objective(s)
  • List of materials (resources, equipment including instructional media, or supplies)
  • Description of class diversity (Learning styles; male/female ratio; exceptionalities; cultural/social/economic diversities, etc)
  • Technology inclusion
  • Biblical principle or general truth (if appropriate within context of lesson)
  • Procedure
    • Set
    • Teacher instruction and modeling
    • Group/guided practice
    • Independent practice
    • Closure
    • Evaluation

Further notes:

  • Be certain your plan focuses on the development of a skill, not the acquisition of facts. In other words, don’t write a lesson to help the children memorize the states’ capitals, or the names of major latitude/longitude lines, etc. Instead, they will be able to calculate distances using scale, interpret different landmarks using legends, identify elevations using topography, interpret/ identify proper cardinal directions to specified locations, and etc.
  • Be certain your Materials (V.) section is complete with description of all items. Specify the particular type of map you will use, or the content of transparencies, or the supplies you will provide.
  • Include copies of all worksheets, tests, or materials with which the children are going to be working—unless it’s a very common item (i.e., globe, VA road map, etc.), which can easily be visualize without seeing it. (Only 1 copy is needed; not a complete classroom set.)
  • Completely describe all lecture/teaching elements. Include content (briefly) of explanations, descriptions, and discussions. Do not say “Explain the use of ‘map scale.” without including that explanation, etc.
  • Each of your activities within the Procedures (VII.) segment must relate to and develop the specific skill that was identified in your Objective (IV.).
  • Your Evaluation (VIII.) must be a separate and different activity from all those which have preceded it. It must also specifically relate to the skill identified in the Objective (IV.).

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