Sociological Response One

Go to If clicking on this link does not work, please use the copy
and paste method.

Click on: Project Implicit Social Attitudes.

In the top tab click on: Take a Test.

At the bottom of this page click on: Wish to proceed.

Choose: Race IAT
Follow the directions on the website

IMPORTANT when you get to the end of the test and it asks you if you want to CLOSE the
web page Click NO. If you click yes, you will have to re-take the test.
Only take the test once. After that, you have been primed to respond. If there is an error with
your test results please take another test, then respond to it. Remember that this test is only a
measurement for white/ black implicit ideas.
As mentioned in the textbook, prejudice and discrimination have multiple forms, some of
which we are not aware of.

Your assignment is to take the test; Then answer the questions
below in the form of an essay (please do not put 1, 2, 3 in your essay, just answer the questions
within your essay).

1. How much information do you think we process without thinking about it?

2. What do the results of this test say about the construction of the lens which we view
concepts of race?

3. Do ideas of race come from the individual (micro-level) or society (macro-level)?

Part II: Response Requirements
Turn in a short essay (limited length to 4 typewritten double-spaced paragraphs-should
equate to 2 full pages/no longer than 3 pages- using 1″ margins and 12-point Times New
Roman font). You are welcome to give a narrative of your personal experience about the test or
an experience in your life. The student is required to use sociological terms and at least one
theory or subtheory (Try to use Conflict Theory, Functionalism, of Symbolic
Interactionism in their analysis.

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