SPHE323 WEEK 2 Assignment

You will write a short paper (2-5 pages) that provides details about the athlete you will be training.

This is the same athlete that you will be using for additional assignments in this class.

Please include things such as:

  • height
  • weight
  • gender
  • age
  • sport/activity
  • position played (if applicable)
  • level and any other important information (periodization, your plan/model), sports and training history/experience, health issues, occupation, responsibilities that influence training and competition
  • Please determine which pre-tests you would have this athlete perform before developing this program for him/her.

When selecting these tests/Assessments, make sure that you are assessing the information you will need to be able to appropriately design a training program for them.

For example, do not perform the vertical jump if this does not help you develop a program. In other words, do not do testing just to do testing, make sure it is for a reason. Inasmuch, please be sure to state why you selected each test for this athlete and support this rationale with appropriate peer-reviewed research.

This paper is to be submitted as a WORD document in APA format. Please be sure to include all rules of APA formatting. Your paper should contain at the least:

  • Title page
  • APA references/citations
  • Headers
  • Page #s
  • A scholarly tone
  • 2-5 pages

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