Strategic Plan:

****************The Company the paper needs to be about is Big 5 Sporting Goods. Need 600 words on 6.4 which is highlighted. The topic needs to be concentrated growth. With the focus on E-Commerce********************************

6.0 Recommended Strategy (week 5)



(Review all the individual strategies from Week Four and provide detailed rationale for recommending the best strategy for chosen organization, (or your own organization with approval from your instructor))

6.1 Recommended Genetic Strategy (Recommend one)

(C ) Corporate-( Focus)


6.2 Recommended Value Discipline (Recommend one)

Customer Intimacy

Specialize products, specific target market, E-commerce customers,

6.3 Alternative Grand Strategies Assessment (Recommend three)

Concentrated growth, Innovation (product or services), and Market development

6.4 Recommended Grand Strategy (Recommend one)

Concentrated growth

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