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Please address the following:
Assume you are currently a store manager at Wal-Mart and, because you speak Japanese fluently, the company has assigned you to manage one of their Seiyu brand stores in Japan.Determine the skills, strengths, or qualities that you possess, relative to the seven dimensions of the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) Model, that would help you successfully manage your store.Seven dimensions: universalism versus particularism; individualism versus collectivism; neutral versus affective; specific versus diffuse; achievement versus ascription; time orientation; internal versus external control.
Predict two cultural differences that may challenge your current management style and suggest the key actions that could help you address them.Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

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Tameica Cameron
Week 2 discussion
The skills, strengths, or qualities that I possess relative to the seven dimensions of the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Model are having respect for authority, assuming responsibility and teamwork, and correctly interpreting Japanese ethics. I also know how to use an introverted communication style, and hold back feedback till the recipients are ready to receive negative feedback.
When compared to the USA collectivism is very high in Japan, and time orientation in Japan is long term whereas it is short-term in the USA. These two cultural differences may challenge my current management style and the key actions that can help me address them are to improve my cultural competency, self-knowledge, and self-regulation. The other actions that help me address these differences are that I should increase my sensitivity to Japanese culture, become more sensitive when dealing with Japanese people, and take into account the perspectives and circumstances of Japanese individuals. In my actions at Seiyu brand stores, I will be flexible, seek opportunities to interact with the Japanese, and develop a tolerance for ambiguity.

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From Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach:

Chapter 2, “Culture and Multinational Management.” 

Chapter 2 PowerPoint, Part 1 [PPT].

Chapter 2 Notes, Part 1 [DOC].

Chapter 2 PowerPoint, Part 2 [PPT].

Chapter 2 Notes, Part 2 [DOC].

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ReadingsFrom Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach:

Chapter 1, “Multinational Management in a Changing World.” 

Chapter 1 PowerPoint, Part 1 [PPT].

Chapter 1 Notes, Part 1 [DOC].

Chapter 1 PowerPoint, Part 2 [PPT].

Chapter 1 Notes, Part 2 [DOC].

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