summarize each article in 75-100 words.

two article:

Annotation Instructions

annotations electronically via word comment options, keep track of your annotations in your metacognitive journal.

  1. Preview both documents, and write a few sentences on what you think you will learn from them. Why do you think this? What did you see that would indicate this?
  2. Ask a minimum of 2 questions on each of these texts
  3. Summarize a minimum of 3 paragraphs or sections on each text.
  4. React to a minimum of 4 things in each text. Be sure to explain your reaction or thought. This could be something you thought was cool, interesting, confusing, important, etc.


  1. Please summarize each article in 75-100 words.
  2. Review your annotations and select 1 golden line from each article to include in this post. A golden line is something very important, or that sticks out. What did you think was the most important line, or the line that stood out the most to you, and why? Your golden line can be more than one sentence, but shouldn’t be more than 4.
  3. For each golden line you chose, write a minimum of 75 words explaining why you think it is important, or why it stood out to you.
  4. Compare these articles to the syllabus and course guidelines. How do they connect? How do you think these articles can help guide us as a class?

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