Supply Chain Management 4 short essay questions

Answer the following questions one by one in short essay forms, no format or length requirement

Q1. Consider the supply chain involved when a customer orders a book from Amazon. Identify the push/pull boundary of Amazon’s supply chain and list the processes involved in the push and pull phases. In your discussion, refer to the four main process cycles in any supply chain, namely, the customer order cycle, the replenishment cycle, the manufacturing cycle, and the procurement cycle.

Q2. Choose one of the following companies and answer questions a-d below. (Choose one of these: Nordstrom, Amazon, Whole Food’s Market—the natural and organic supermarket chain, or Walmart.)

a. How would you characterize the competitive strategy of your selected company? What are the top two customer needs that your chosen company aims to fill?

b. Where would you place the demand faced by your chosen company on the implieddemand uncertainty spectrum? Why?

c. What level of responsiveness would be most appropriate for your chosen company’s supply chain? Explain.

d. How can your chosen company expand its scope of strategic fit across its supply chain?

Q3. Consider the four major drivers of supply chain performance: facilities, inventory, transportation, and information, and answer the following questions.

  1. How could a grocery retailer use inventory to increase the responsiveness of its company’s supply chain?
  2. How could an auto manufacturer use transportation to increase the efficiency of its supply chain?
  3. How could a bicycle manufacturer increase responsiveness through its facilities?
  4. How could an industrial supplies distributor use information to increase its responsiveness?

Q4. Consider the different types of distribution networks discussed in your textbook:

  1. Manufacturer storage with direct shipping
  2. Manufacturer storage with direct shipping and in-transit merge
  3. Distributor storage with package carrier delivery
  4. Distributor storage with last mile delivery
  5. Manufacturer/Distributor storage with customer pickup
  6. Retail storage with customer pickup

a. Which distribution network is best suited to highly differentiated products? And why?

b. Which distribution network is best suited for commodity items? And why?

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