Sustainable Manufacturing, Metrics and Tools, Product Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)

Download the attached pdf file Walmart-2019-ESG-Report.pdf (source:

This assignment is a study of an annual report on environmental and sustainable efforts by a large organization (Walmart). Your job is to study the sections related to Environmental and Social aspects and summarize your assessment of how the sustainability efforts are being implemented in various areas of their global operations.

Select any three (3) of the following topics. Write short paragraphs giving your critical views on them as found in the above report:

Reducing Energy, Eliminating Waste, Water Stewardship, Recycling, Deforestation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Supply chain, Reducing Environmental Impacts.

Note: Do not copy and paste from the report, read the report and write in your own words.

Internet resources:

US EPA Sustainability

EPA Sustainable Manufacturing

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