Take a Closer Look at Vulnerable Population

Take a Closer Look at Vulnerable Populations Paper


To complete this assignment:

  • Choose one of the You Tube videos that I have listed Here

Jail 2017 – The Psych Inmates

  • Watch the video
  • Write a brief reflection/reaction paper of 450-500 words.
  • Submit the paper to the Vulnerable Population Reflection Dropbox in Module

Tips for your Paper: Be sure to identify the video that you watched at the beginning of your paper. For your “reflection”, you might discuss how the particular population is “vulnerable”; what challenges or barriers did you identify; what were your reactions to what you viewed; did the video change your thinking about this population/topic; what needs to change in order to reduce the vulnerability of this population? Try to relate what you saw in the video to the readings for this module.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when completing the assignment:

  • Pay close attention to word limits
  • Use APA format for your paper
  • Include a title page and references page (point loss if missing)
  • Cite your sources as appropriate

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