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You will research the form, function, and context of your genre and summarize your findings on your Wiki page. In essence, you will create a virtual lecture/demonstration about your genre.

To begin your research, you will read either one substantial text (a book) or ten articles about your genre. The readings could range from general stylistic overviews, to historical works, to personal memoirs, or a biography/auto-biography of a major choreographer or dancer in your particular genre.

1: Form = Read 3 descriptive accounts of the form–teacher’s manuals, “how to” instruction articles, dancer’s memoirs, choreographer’s notes, critic’s reviews, etc.

2: Function = EITHER – Read an interview of a current or former dancer in that style

OR Read an ethnographic account of your genre

3: Context = EITHER – Watch a documentary on the genre or a major choreographer/dancer in the field

OR Read 3 reviews of past performances of the genre

You will summarize your research findings by creating a Wiki page with the following subheadings. You will write either 250 or 500 words (either 1 – 2 double spaced pages) depending on the subheading, in which you will address the prompt questions below.




Please post images (between 3-5) and video links (between 3-5) with proper citation (see Course Tab “Useful Information” for citation tips & examples) in order to introduce your genre to the class.

OPENING—250 words (1 double spaced page)

Why were you attracted to this genre? What did you know about it in advance? What preconceived notions did you have of the style and technique? What were you curious to find out?

SUBSTANTIAL TEXT OR 3 ARTICLES YOU READ—500 words (2 double spaced pages)

What were you surprised to learn about your genre? Did your opinion of the genre change, or was it confirmed? What were several of your favorite moments in the book or in the 3 articles that you read? What significant social, political, or historical events influenced the development of your genre? How would you summarize the aesthetic of your genre?

FORM—500 words (2 double spaced pages)

Describe the dance on a surface level–the movements, the number of dancers, the music, the spatial design, the mood, the costumes, the footwear etc. Then, on a deeper level, describe what was revealed to you about the dance because of your reading and research on the genre? Can you point to reasons why the form developed as it did? What significant events or issues came to play in its creation? Does the form of the dance change as its function or context changes? How? Why?

FUNCTION—500 words (2 double spaced pages)

Describe the function(s) of your genre. Who performs this genre? Why? What is the meaning behind the form? Has the function changed over time? How does a change in function affect the form and context? Site examples from the step you took in order to back up your statements.

CONTEXT—500 words (2 double spaced pages)

Describe the context(s) of your genre. Where is it performed? Who is the audience? Are they active or passive? How does the context affect the dance’s form and function? Site examples from the step you took in order to back up your statements.

CLOSING—250 words (1 double spaced page)

What did you learn about your genre? What surprised you? What was confirmed? Can you draw connections between the form, function, and context of your genre? How does a shift in one affect the others? Can you name the strongest descriptive factor in your genre–the form, function, or context? What sets your genre apart and makes it unique from other genres?


Here you will cite your resources (the book or articles you read, the videos you watched, and the images and videos you posted to bring your genre to life).See the Course Tab “Useful Information” for tips and examples of proper citation guidelines.

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