Task for social science

In three separate documents:

First document:

In a 150-250 word written reflection, briefly summarize and discuss your personal takeaways to any of the videos.


https://www.onwardthebook.com/taking-a-strengths-b… – in the ted talk video chris talks how too many students are in school learning the many things they cannot do while not being provided the opportunity to do the many things they can do. When students’ character strengths and skills are embraced within the school, students are more confident, engaged and connected to the school. Not only does a strengths-based education help engage the disengaged, it helps more students to truly flourish. Chris shares personal stories of success and supports this with research from the fields of psychology and business. He challenges the audience to work to bring out the best in people… start with one, start with strengths, and start today.

Second document:

watch “Project Leadership 101: Task Focus vs People Focus” YouTube.

In 250-350 words, reflect on your values on this topic. Which is more important to you, task leadership or relationship leadership? When working with others, do you focus more on the task at hand or relationships with those you’re working with? Why?

Third Document:

Watch “How to Make a Decision” Ted Talk. In a 100-200 word written reflection, discuss your personal takeaways from this video. Have you recently been confronted with a personal decision?

https://www.ted.com/talks/ruth_chang_how_to_make_h… – click on the transcript section for a transcript of the video

Instructions: attend an open AA or NA meeting and write a paper. Then read the Atlantic article and write a paper describing your reaction to the meeting and how that compares to the article in the Atlantic. The paper should be between 2-3 pages.

This paper should not be a description of your experience at the meeting. It should make the connection between what you read in the Atlantic article and your experience.

Atlantic article: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/…

My experience: I came in the room and sat on a small chair in a circle with a bunch of other adults. Each one had their own issues with alcoholism, many were not afraid to tell their personal story and how their trying to get better by attending AA meetings. Some were a bit quiet and shy, they didn’t speak much which I understand since it’s such a tough topic to talk about. The group was friendly and offered to give me advice even though I don’t drink. Some were very wise and understood the group and can form close bonds with each other. I sat through the meeting listening to their daily lives and how alcohol can affect them in their addiction stages. It was very interesting observing them and putting myself into their shoes. After the meeting I learned everyone wants someone to listen to them when they speak. Most of the group members in the meeting expressed their joys that they could be themselves in the meetings and don’t have to worry about anyone judging them or talking over them.

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