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Hello, I am stress right now with this assignment, due to the fact that Tax is not my strong suit, but I have to take it for my BS in Accounting. The assignment is worth 45 points. Plus with the study that I need to study for the final exam in 2 weeks and half. If someone may complete my assignment, this will be less stress coming into my final exam. Please only the ones who has knowledge in individual tax, that will be great; keep in mind this class is individual tax, aka tax 1. This assignment is due 11/26/18 11:59pm Monday. Thank you. The tax return must be for 2018 tax law. The links are one of them is the assignment, and the other is the forms we may use to complete the assignment, please show your work, either by taking a photo and uploading it here, so that I could see myself and so that I will not think you just added numbers to the forms. This is the forms…

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