Tax Return

Michael and Elizabeth Sandburg, age76 and -58, are a married couple who had the following relevant transactions for 2019:

Social Security benefits for Michael. $39,000

Interest income from local bank 750

Qualified dividends 375

Loss on sale of Tandem Diabetic stock (held from

11/10/2018 to 10/31/2019) – 2,900

Federal income tax quarterly deposits (total). 3,800

Itemized deductions 24,125


Gross income 37,000

Supplies and products for sale 10,950

Business interest expense 1,200

Business property taxes 650

Insurance 260

Other business expense 2,845

Complete a Form 1040 with the appropriate Schedules and Forms for 2019 for Michael and Elizabeth Sandburg.

Minimum forms required:

Form 1040, Schedule 1, Schedule 2.

Form 1040, Schedule B, Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule SE.

Form 8949, Form 8995.

Please complete the tax return based on the facts in the attached document. Make up any information that is not provided (i.e., Social Security numbers, addresses, etc.). (note for line 3, qualified dividends are included in ordinary dividends)

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