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Post 1:

Indeed, the human resource component of every organizational structure is the fundamental consideration in defining strategic planning practices. According to Martocchio (2018), strategic planning is a continuous process in administrative management that determines core objectives against the changing operational environments and approaches to achieve them. Thus, strategic planning is the driving force behind the current efforts by companies to formulate effective operational frameworks to gain and maintain their competitive edge.

However, it is worth acknowledging that a business organization needs to be reliable through functional human structures and strategic planning. Here, human resource planning entails all those internal and external activities that identify and bring the workforce to the company over a given period. The primary aim of human resource planning involves systematic processes of examining the company’s operational deficiencies that can be solved through specialized skills and identifying skilled persons to fill such gaps. Therefore, workforce planning is a crucial practice that firms must pay embracer to ensure that they are up to date regarding competitive labor markets in the quest to remain viable.

Discussion Questions

Question One

As noted earlier, strategic and human resource planning are crucial elements of every organizational management system. However, such practices cannot be effective without understanding the concept of job analysis. Here job analysis refers to the systematic approaches, and the accompanying processes fit duties with the required employee skills and knowledge to address them (Masri & Jaaron, 2017). It implies an organization can deploy a job analysis system for various reasons and objectives, such as staffing. Second, a job analysis system is used when the company desire to perform employee training and development activities. Finally, job analysis systems are essential when a company desires to execute performance appraisal as the basis of understanding their employee’s capabilities against the responsibilities assigned to them. However, there are various approaches that firms can employ in job analysis. Such includes administering questionnaires to collect specific data based on the formulated strategic planning requirements. Additionally, the company can directly consider using interviews to collect employee views regarding particular concerns.

Question Two

Succession planning is another crucial concept related to organizational human resources and strategic planning practices. It refers to ensuring a constant labor source by providing that qualified candidates are always available to assume key management positions whenever they become vacant. According to Martocchio (2018), succession planning is a practice that aims to provide operational efficiency in a company in case there are termination, death, and employee resignations. However, it is worth understanding that succession planning approaches constantly change. For example, in the past, succession planning involved identifying a pool of potential candidates for various positions. However, modern succession planning requires micro-level panning structures based on company-wide requirements to identify candidates who fit and suit multiple roles within the company.


Martocchio, J. (2018). Human resource management. Pearson.

Masri, H. A., & Jaaron, A. A. (2017). Assessing green human resources management practices in Palestinian manufacturing context: An empirical study. Journal of cleaner production, 143, 474-489.

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