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“Systematically designed recommendations based upon review of clinical research to assist the healthcare provider in making patient care decisions” is what type of evidence?

Group of answer choices

Clinical practice guideline

Case study

Randomized control trial

Expert opinion

In traditional outpatient therapy facilities, physical therapy services are provided within which of the following team models?

Group of answer choices

interprofessional model

transdiscipinary model

intradiscipinary model

multidisciplinary model

Select the most important reason for research in physical therapy.

Group of answer choices

Improving patient care

Obtaining continuing education units

Guarantying reimbursement

Increasing job opportunities

Which of the following characteristics is NOT a component of a Within Subject Design?

Group of answer choices

Often called repeated measures design

Involve taking repeated measurements from each subject.

Subjects are only used once.

Common in Psychological research.

If the hypothesis of a study is “US will have an effect on pain level,” what would be the null hypothesis?

Group of answer choices

US will have no effect on pain level

US will improve pain level

US will have a negative effect on pain level

US will increase pain level

Electrical stimulation and ultrasound effects on shoulder pain. Which of the following components are associated with the dependent variable?

The patient’s report of shoulder pain on a VAS.

The amount of time the electrical stimulation is on. 

The placement of the electrical stimulation electrodes  

The amount of time the Ultrasound treatment was given.

Which of the following studies is NOT considered to be experimental research?

Group of answer choices

A controlled Non-randomized trial

Qualitative study

Single Case design

A controlled Randomized trial

A physical therapy practice owner wants to offer telehealth and knows they must abide by HIPAA. Misuse of protected health information (PHI) could result in a financial penalty up to what amount?

Group of answer choices






Which of the following elements has the LEAST association with a research article?

Group of answer choices





Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the alpha level (α)? 

Group of answer choices

Is set by researcher before data analysis.

The acceptable level is 0.50 or higher.

Is the probability of a type I error of rejecting the Null hypothesis when it is true.

The lower, the better the experiment.

Identify the DV in the following sentence:  

The Effects of US and Laser in the Treatment of Knee Pain.

Group of answer choices


Knee pain


Ultrasound therapy effects on shoulder pain: a double-blind trial. Subjects were assigned to a control group and an experimental group by pulling names from a hat. The design type utilized in this research is:



Case Report

Case Series

A student physical therapist assistant is completing an assignment: writing a research report after reading a research article. What should the PTA include in their research report?

Group of answer choices

Their understanding of the research article

A play-by-play account of the article

A superficial discussion

Frequent direct quotes from the research article

Which question is a central point for evaluation of the introduction section of a research article?

Group of answer choices

Does the researcher provide the limitations of the study?

Are the results statistically significant?

Was a control group used?

Is the type of study design clear?

Which of the following exercises has the LEAST association with AAROM?

Group of answer choices

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device

Finger-ladder device or a wand

Manual assistance from PT/PTA

Overhead pulleys or the patient’s own arm

A SPTA on a full-time clinical experience turns to literature based on a specific patient they are treating. They engage with a type of research that measures a specific practice quality, implements practice changes and monitors outcomes to determine the effect. What type of research is this?

Group of answer choices

Quality assurance



Quality Improvement

Which part of a research article must contain specific information about the purpose, method, results, and major conclusions of the presented work?

Group of answer choices





19.Which database is an EBSCO Host product that provides evidence-based clinical references?

Group of answer choices

Cochrane Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Rehabilitation Reference Center


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