Text Annotation submission

Please submit your annotated version of Amanda Mull’s “Brands Have Nothing Real to Say About Racism” article for unit 1. It must be in PDF or .doc/.docx format. Remember, annotation is not really about highlighting. It is more about what you have written in the margins–showing your “mental conversation” with the text, deploying a variety of comment types, and being thorough will earn you a complete! Please include at least 4-5 comments per page. And please focus on minimal highlighting. Use the module page “The Basics of Annotation” to guide you.

There are three ways you can submit your work:

genius app <<<< This is what the app icon looks like!

RECOMMENDED OPTION #1: Print the article out and annotate it. Then download the free phone app called “Genius Scan–PDF Scanner.” It will allow you to use your phone to take an image of each annotated page, save all images in one file, and then email that file to yourself as a PDF. I prefer this option! This phone app is also just a good one to have in general as a college student.

Once you open the app, it is an easy 3 steps:

Step 1: Click the “+” icon on the bottom left. Take a photo of each annotated page by clicking the camera (circle icon) and then click “done.” Make sure to zoom in to just the page so I can read what you have written in the margins.

Step 2: Then click the bottom right file send icon (the rectangle with the arrow in it) to send it as a PDF to your email address. Click “@Email.”

Step 3: Then download the file to your computer and upload it to the submission link on this page (top right).

OPTION #2: Print the article out and annotate it. Take pictures with your phone of each annotated page, insert the images into a word doc or google doc, and upload the file. When taking the photos, make sure to zoom in to just the page so I can read what you have written in the margins!

OPTION #3 (no printing required): Save the article to your computer and annotate it by using Word (or another word processing program). Use the highlighter tool for key phrases/lines and the “insert comments” feature to track your reactions and thoughts in the margins. (Do not type your comments into the actual article. Annotations are meant to be in the margins so as not to interfere with the layout and page numbering of the text.) Then, upload this document to the submissions link.

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